Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Great Organizational Apps for History Class


       We all know that a major part of history class is note taking.  With that in mind we have selected a few great apps to help you stay organized.  Our top two recommendations are Evernote and inClass.  The best thing about Evernote is the cloud based system.  This means that no matter where you are, if you have a internet connected device, you can retrieve your notes.  This is great because if you accidentally leave your device at home, you can hop on a school computer and print your notes.  Tagging is another great feature of Evernote.  When creating a note, you can enter tag words into the tagging box.  Down the road, when looking for your notes, you can search your tag words into the box, and find your note.  We recommend anyone who wants great notes taking app, to get Evernote.  inClass is another great app that incorporates a agenda book into the app.  We did not get agenda book this year, so this is a great substitute.  inClass can also take notes, but is not cloud based.  Evernote and inClass are two awesome apps everyone should download.  

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