Thursday, November 17, 2011

Technology Sit Down with Mr. Milton

Mr. Milton: BHS History Teacher

      We sat down to talk to history teacher Mr. Milton.  He gave us insight on how iPad technology has incorporated into his classroom.  Mr. Milton has taken full advantage of tools such as Edmodo, Noterize, Socrative, and Google Docs.  He finds Edmodo to be most useful, because it saves lots of paper.  Instead of running down to the copy room and making fifty copies of one worksheet, teachers can simply have students pull it up on their device.  So easy.  We asked him if he has taken advantage of Google Docs or Socrative and he said he has used it much more in his English class.  Many teachers in the school have used Socrative to review material, before a big test or quiz   Mr. Milton says that he considers he and his students, "Digital Detectives."  There is not one person in this school that knows all the iPad tools out there, and that is what has made this journey so incredible.  With the app store producing knew applications each day, there is endless possibilities to digital learning with the iPad.  

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